Family Cottages in Thrissur

Living together is a privilege. At our Heritage Hotel, we offer our customers a family oriented environment for their stay. A family cottage such as the one at Gurukripa Heritage gives the customers a reason to feel like home.
The hotel cum Heritage provides the customers a well-built family cottage for all families to enjoy their visits at the hotel. Our Heritage offers the following types of Family cottages for our customers to cheer on.
2 Family cottages
At this type of 2 Family Cottages, accommodation is provided for two families to explore the richness of the heritage of the cottages. Privacy is ensured for each family through well closed cottages.
3 Family cottages
A unique type of cottages at the heritage gives a reason to visit. The sit out at the back of this type of cottage offers a pleasant experience for you to relax. The cottage can house up to three families with their privacy maintained.
5 Family cottages
This type of family cottages accommodates a spacious five family set. The cottage offers impeccable customer service which is not guaranteed by other competitors. There is no hindrance to your enjoyable stay and fun at the cottage in Thrissur.
Bring your peers and relatives to this unique and contemporary cottage in Thrissur that has many stories to unfold.. Heritage Hotels in Thrissur

Family cottages in Thrissur

Gurukripa Heritage Hotel
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