Special Ayurvedic Treatments

The traditional food across India has been highly appreciated for its wonderful use of spices and herbs. Cooking styles range from region to region. And so, Indian recipes classified as North Indian and South Indian, form the predominant part of the cuisines across the country.
The Ayurvedic treatment specializes in pain relieving methods of massages and curative medicines. The health and happiness of an individual depends largely on cool and genuine Ayurvedic treatments to balance the mind and body.
Being a multi specialty Ayurvedic center for all treatments, an individual can receive treatments at comprehensive and affordable rates. Our Ayurvedic center is a hub for more treatments rather than facilities.
We offer treatments for all kinds of ailments like www.gurukripaheritage.in

We offer treatments for all kinds of ailments like

  • Knee pain
  • Varicose vein
  • Tennis elbow
  • Ear Balance failures

We at Gurukripa Heritage Hotel have diagnosed some areas of special treatments for better cure for the patient:

  • All patients with an Ear Balance should never be allowed to drive.
  • The patient may require more than 2 days rest.
  • All headaches and other ailments affecting the brain are treated here.
  • People with worn out knees are treated with care and simple Ayurvedic forms to relive the pain.

  • What are the effects of waste therapy?
  • If the wastes are not removed, then they tend to accumulate in the head.
  • Freshness keeps the body healthy and fit.
  • The Body tends to release more energy.
  • Provide a relief from hangover.

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