Visiting Thrissur - 10 Reasons to select Gurukripa Heritage Hotel

Looking for a comfortable and peaceful stay in a Heritage Hotel in Thrissur, the cultural capital of Kerala? Here are 10 reasons why you should choose Gurukripa Heritage, one of the oldest heritage hotels in Thrissur with a contemporary style for a homely stay alone or with family.
1. Ideal Location
The Heritage Hotel is the perfect base to explore the wonders of Thrissur. Conveniently located, the Hotel is just at a two minute walk from the well-known Sree Vadakkunnathan Temple, around which the city has been built. The Hotel with spacious and luxurious rooms is specially built for accommodating families seeking solace and comfort away from the hustle of the city without compromising their proximity to the heart of Thrissur.
Thrissur Pooram, Kerala's age-old ethnic cultural extravaganza unfolds at this Temple, a revered pilgrim centre, dedicated to Hindu deity, Lord Shiva. The Thrissur Pooram is celebrated in April every year, a magnificent spectacle of colour, sight and sound.
2. Elegant comfort.
We offer cottage-style air-conditioned and non-air conditioned, single and double rooms, spacious rooms for a comfortable stay in the city at affordable prices. These rooms having well laid beds and modern amenities with clean and neat attached bathrooms, have antique furniture and vintage wood-panelled ceilings, bringing homely comfort and refined elegance to your stay. 3. Family Cottages for privacy.
Gurukripa Heritage Hotel offers 2 Family Cottages, 3 Family Cottages and 5 Family Cottages where the families can enjoy privacy amongst themselves without hindrances. The 5 Family cottages are not connected in any other way to other rooms or cottages ensuring utmost privacy for the families.
At Gurukripa Heritage, a separate facility is in the offing. Two rooms are attached in such a way that both are accessible. This enables parents to have an eye on their wards resting in the adjacent room and confirm their safety, while enjoying their privacy too.
4. Home away from home
Gurukripa Heritage is more of a home than just a place of stay. We seek excellence and innovation with commitment to take the customer experience to next level. Enjoy the exclusive hospitality of the Hotel with the assurance of impeccable service and comfortable stay. The trained and experienced personnel are always on call for the best of service. You will not for a second feel that you are away from home when you are at Gurukripa Heritage.
5. Proximity to Institutions
The access to the city, the main shopping areas and other religious places, mostly located around the medieval Sree Vadakkunathan Temple are superb. The city boasts of a rich museum and a zoo apart from other centers of cultural activity, well-liked by our guests from India and abroad. Availability of easy transport enables you to explore the city and the neighbouring areas on any day, any time to your heart’s content.
The proximity to most of the shopping complexes in the city, traditional and modern, makes shopping a highly enriching experience for all our esteemed visitors.
6. Traditional Art forms
As a unique facility for our patrons, Gurukripa Heritage offers to arrange various art forms of Kerala like Kathakali, Kuchipudi, Chakyar Koothu, Theyyam etc. at the special request of guests, at a very nominal fee. The same will be arranged in our premises and can be enjoyed by our guests in the homely setting of the Hotel.
7. Special Ayurvedic Treatments
The Ayurvedic treatment specializes in pain relieving methods of massages and curative medicines. The multi-speciality Ayurvedic center at Gurukripa offers treatments for all kinds of ailments like knee pain, Varicose vein, Tennis elbow, ear balance failures, etc. at affordable rates.
At Gurukripa Heritage, a separate facility is in the offing. Two rooms are attached in such a way that both are accessible. This enables parents to have an eye on their wards resting in the adjacent room and confirm their safety, while enjoying their privacy too.
8. Eco-friendly
Despite its location at the heart of the city, Gurukipa Heritage is eco-friendly. The structural uniqueness of the Hotel building is instrumental in ensuring clean and unpolluted air inside the Hotel. The centuries old rooms with high ceilings and walls allow cool air to circulate better. The pathways and courtyards are also built in the most eco-friendly manner.
9. Other Facilities
We offer the following facilities to make your stay most comfortable:

  • Ample car parking space
  • 24x7 hot water supply
  • LED TV with Regional, International satellite channels in all rooms
  • High-quality and courteous service

  • 10. Low Tariffs
    The Gurukripa Heritage Hotel offers affordable rates for a comfortable stay whether it is single room accommodation or family cottages. You get full value of money with your stay at the hotel.

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Gurukripa Heritage Hotel
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