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gurukripa heritage

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Gurukripa Heritage is run by S V V Group which is founded by the late S.V.V. Ramaswamy Iyer in 1919

Thrissur Pooram, Kerala's age-old ethnic cultural exposition, unfolds just a few yards away. Located in the heart of the city, the luxurious Gurukripa Heritage provides the highest levels of services and comfort for those seeking privacy and recreation. Its cottage-style rooms, complete with modern amenities, has antique furniture, and vintage wood-pannelled ceilings that bring cosy comfort and refined elegance to a modern decor. Run by the SVV Group, Gurukripa offers a heritage experience at an affordable price.

  • JUST 25 Metres

    Thekkinkadu Maidan is just 25 metres away from GURUKRIPA HERITAGE. Thekkinkadu Maidan is situated in the middle of Thrissur city of Kerala state in India. This hillock seats the Vadakkumnathan Temple.

  • JUST 10 Metres

    Bharath Veg Hotel is the complete vegetarian restaurant just 10 metres apart and provides the best vegetarian food to our guests

  • JUST 75 Metres

    Vadakkunnathan Temple which is in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, is just 75 meters away. This heritage is surrounded by numerous places of workship


    Gurukripa Heritage offers air conditioned double rooms. These rooms are spacious and are attached with clean and neat bathrooms.


    Gurukripa Heritage offers non air conditioned double rooms at most affordable rates. The rooms are well maintained.


    Two rooms are attached in such a way that both are accessible from within. which is unique facility in gurukripa heritage.


    Two families can have their private surroundings at Gurukripa Heritage. This enables much needed privacy and thus increases the fun in staying together.


    Three families can now have privacy amongst themselves at the uniquely set cottages at Gurukripa Heritage.


    Five families can now have the cozy privacy at gurukripa heritage that is rarely offered elsewhere.


Enjoy your trip in cultural capital of kerala with traditional homely stay and food.


  • You want to know how it is to live in an ancestral house in Kerala? This is the place to be. This 100 year old ancestral home has been converted into a hotel. The furniture also gives you an antique feeling. But don't worry it has modern amenities like Air conditioning too. So go and stay here and enjoy.

    Anuradha Siddharth Nair
  • We had a very homely comfortable stay for 3 nights. Firstly the ambiance is great, felt like staying in our own joint family house, secondly the location is excellent could visit all the three major temples at Thrissur with ease. Parking of car was very good . When we had a problem of our car the whole team gave a very good support to us to resolve the problem. Over all we enjoyed the stay to the fullest.

    E.P. Ramachandran
  • Staff at Gurukripa Heritage hotel were warm and very helpful with transport arrangement. I was on a work trip and staff took good care of guests. Especially Vishwam who gave advice on where to eat and helped me call for reliable transport. Thank you Gurukripa Heritage hotel and all staff!

  • The best lodge in the area, located in close proximity of everything you'd need! The property is owned by a family who has a 100+ year old home next to the lodge and they've preserved the essence of old Kerala style houses in the lodge. Well, only the style is old school. Everything inside the room is as modern as it can get. Right from glass cornered shower rooms, jaguar fitted bath and sanitariware and long glass mirrors in the rest room. All of this while you're enjoying AC at 20 degrees, staring into the ceiling made of wood and thinking, is it 2022 in Thrissur?

    Vartika Verma

  • Despite some initial misunderstandings, the hosts did everything to solve the issue. Staff is extremely helpful and accompanied me resolving some practicalities from laundry to iPhone repair. In addition to that, it's a nice characterful place at a great calm and still central location.

    Jos Kurstjens

One Of The Oldest Heritage Hotels In Kerala
With A Contemporary Style

Located in the heart of the Thrissur City